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10th Grade Information

Sophomore To Do's: 

  •  Continue to Take Challenging Courses - An "A" in Honors Biology is more impressive than an "A" in gym. Many high schools offer additional college courses which you can begin your Sophomore year. Your success in challenging academic courses provides college admissions representatives with the best evidence of your ability to succeed in college

  • Grades, Grades, Grades - Throughout high school, nothing matters more than your academic record. Work on self- discipline and time management in an effort to earn the highest grades possible. 

  • Check out Colorado’s HEAR Requirements (Higher Education Admissions Requirements) and Admissions Index which list entry requirements to attend Colorado’s 4 year public colleges/universities. 

  • Put Effort Into Extracurricular Activities - By the time you apply to colleges, you should be able to demonstrate depth, commitment and leadership in an extracurricular area.

  • Continue Studying a Foreign Language - Depth in a single language is a better choice than intro courses to 2-3 languages. Check the language admission requirement at your favorite college. Most require 2 years of the same language. 

  • You will be taking the Colorado state-mandated PSAT 10 for sophomores on April 10, 11, or 12th – check with your high school for their date. You should consider taking the optional PSAT/MNSQT on October 11, 14, or 25th. Taking these tests can help you figure out what subject prep you need before SAT time in your junior and senior years. Counselors have study guides “PSAT Student Guide”. Sign up for for FREE subject and test prep. 

  • Take AP Exams and the SAT Subject tests as Appropriate - You're more likely to take these exams in your junior and senior years, but more students are taking them earlier, especially as high schools increase their AP offerings. Many colleges require a couple SAT Subject scores, and a 4 or 5 on an AP exam can earn you course credit and give you more options in college. 

  • ·Visit Colleges and their websites - Your sophomore year is a good time to do low-pressure exploration of college options out there. Make a list of reasons why you like different colleges/universities — programs, location, cost and more. Visit college campuses and take virtual tours of colleges – try Naviance. Attend a college visit with your school on a field trip. 

  • SAT – Familiarize yourself with the,, websites. It’s never too early to begin studying for the SAT/ACT. These websites have free prep and your counselors have “Getting Ready for the SAT” or the “Preparing For the ACT” guides with sample questions. Free test prep on Naviance. 

  •  Athletics – explore the NCAA Clearinghouse website to learn what courses are accepted by the NCAA if you are thinking of competing at the college level. Not all high school courses are NCAA acknowledged. 

  • Military Academy – Start now by contacting military academies if you are considering attending. There are rigorous admission requirements that you must begin working on now including academics, school involvement, and volunteering.

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