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Our mission is to advocate, lead, and collaborate with the whole school community to promote social-emotional health, academic success, and career readiness in all students at Mitchell High School.

Our vision is to empower each student to have strong, positive influence in their communities.

We specialize in helping students navigate their high school path through counseling (individual and group), teaching skills (coping, organizational/study, social), and academic support.

our team

Click the pictures to learn some fun facts about the counselors, click email addresses to get in touch!

fun facts


MRS. ALASKA, 9th grade counselor
Favorite food: Chocolate!
Favorite Dutch Bros drink: Hawaiian Green Tea
Favorite activities:
Reading & Exercising
Why I became a school counselor: I loved school and wanted to work in an environment where I could work with students, support them and help them prepare for their future. 


MS. NIICHEL, 10th grade counselor + department chair
Favorite food: PIZZA
Favorite Dutch Bros drink: Non-fat Golden Eagle with caramel drizzle, no whip
Favorite activities: Hanging with my dog, Vega, and eating pizza
Why I became a school counselor: I became a counselor because growing up, I saw so many peoples' voices being silenced, or they didn’t feel confident enough to speak up to injustice in their own life or the lives of others. I watched my family struggle with addiction, abuse, divorce, grief and loss, and my family struggled to cope. I wanted to find answers on how to help, and I wanted to speak up for injustice and poor treatment of others. Being a person who has had a strong voice since I was a child, I realized that I was given a gift that I should use to help others find their voice or speak up for them. Working with young adults is my passion, and empowering them to find their voice, and their truth, is the most rewarding part of my life.


MRS. evans, 11th grade counselor
Favorite food: 3-way tie! Pepperoni pizza, BBQ cheeseburger, and steak with garlic butter. 
Favorite Dutch Bros drink: Caramelizer Freeze with extra extra caramel! (Can you tell I LOVE caramel?)
Favorite activities: I enjoy spending quality time with my family, especially outside hiking, biking, camping, and boating. I also love swimming, tennis, racquetball, and yoga.
Why I became a school counselor: My dream job has always been to be a counselor. I became a school counselor because I was blessed to have incredible school counselors that made a difference in my life. So, I felt inspired to provide that same level of support to students. I am passionate about assisting students with their social/emotional, academic, and career development. 

Bonus facts: My favorite animals are cows, sea ions, manatee, stingray, and giraffes and my favorite colors are hot pink and turquoise. 


MR. mann, 12th grade counselor
Favorite food: Ramen 
Favorite Dutch Bros drink: Annihilator
Favorite activities: Co-op video games and playing and Mario game with my wife
Why I became a school counselor: I became a school counselor because I learned from experience that I could really be a positive change in young humans' lives.  When I was teaching English at a junior high in Japan, troubled students would congregate in the nurse’s office because they did not have confidence to go to class. These students were children of divorce and/or victims of racism and trauma. I would eat lunch with these students every day and just listen to their stories.  The nurse and I hatched a plan to boost their confidence by teaching them a new skill (how to play drums!). These students not only went back to attending regular classes, but performed in the school's annual sports day! As a school counselor, I am dedicated to guiding students through their high school career, assisting them in overcoming obstacles, and leading them to the career of their dreams.


MRS. REAL, college and career counselor
Favorite food: Chicken Tikka Masala or Saag Paneer (EXTRA SPICY!!!!)
Favorite Dutch Bros drink: Mocha with Coconut milk – no whip
Favorite activities: Weight lifting and gardening
Why I became a school counselor: As a high school dropout, I felt like I fell through the cracks in school. I want to be the support that I needed and hopefully help others to feel loved, be able to laugh at life, and discover their life path and how they can contribute to the greater good 😊


MS. crowder, counseling assistant
Favorite food: Carbs (pasta, bread, etc)
Favorite Dutch Bros drink: Starry night with green tea (extra sweet)
Favorite activities: Technical theatre, collecting vinyl
What I love about running the counseling office: I love interacting with our students, and building strong relationships with our students’ parents. 


MS. dyson, college and career assistant
Favorite food: Stuffed crust pepperoni pizza!
Favorite Dutch Bros drink: White chocolate mocha
Favorite activities: I have no life outside of work, I am in college and I have a kid… send help!
What I love about running the college and career office: The students have taught me so much more than they will ever know; they're brilliant, and they make me laugh everyday.


., support counselor
Favorite food: 
Favorite Dutch Bros drink:
Favorite activities: 
What I love about running the college and career office: 

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